Heirloom Smocked Dress for Dianna Effner’s 13” Little Darling Dolls

I started this smocked dress last year but never got around to finishing it. I had visioned the dress as a Valentine’s Day dress and embroidered the roses to look like hearts. I had inserted French lace into the sleeves but had problems with the bullion rose embroidery. I just couldn’t get them to look right and kept on removing the embroidery. I decided to put it away and finally decided to try working on it this year again.

The yoke was also cut out of the lace panel that I had sewn. I was finally satisfied with the embroidery on the sleeves.

I sewed together strips of lace to make a lace panel for the lower sleeves.

Chess Cake

This cake was specially made for our little princess’s birthday. Since she is a little chess master, we felt this cake was very appropriate for her. The chess pieces and board were made out to white and dark chocolate. The square cake layers are chocolate and white cakes filled with mascarpone and chocolate ganache.

Holiday Dresses

We started this dress for our life-size little darling several years. This life size dress was inspired by the silk dress we designed for our Little Darling Effner dolls.

Other things always seem to come so the dress got pushed away year after year and was left unfinished. Finally, this year we decided to finish it so our little darling can finally wear before she became too big for smocked dresses. The dress is made out of beautiful red tissue taffeta fabric. The bodice is smocked with red silk thread and embellished with tiny 14k gold filled beads.

The lower edge of the dress is embellished with metallic gold mesh lace.

Rosy’s Blythe Back Plate Design

Rosy is currently working on the back plate design for our first Blythe doll. She is painting an Adonis Blue butterfly on it. Here is the progress so far. I have already carved and painted the Blythe head and Niki has already assembled the eye mechanism with new custom made eye chips. I will share pictures progress once Rosy finishes painting the eyelids