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Our Newest Outfit!

Celebrate the beginning of fall with this cute outfit! Here is Mya modeling our newest creation. She is wearing a sleeveless ruffle dress sewn out of lawn fabric. On top of this cute dress, she is wearing a 3/4 denim jacket and a cable hat knitted from super soft bamboo yarn. Click on the above… More

Introducing Missy

This is Missy. She is our 14″ Kaye Wiggs doll. We got her a few years ago and we finally painted her this week. Missy is wearing a dip-dyed pink ruffled dress. We also made her a mohair wig and leather shoes. We our in the process of repainting her three sisters–Layla, Hope, and Fleur.… More

Heat wave

It has been very, very hot for the past few weeks. Annie, Hannah, Kevin, and Ellen decided to refresh and cool down by eating cold popsicles. They found a shady spot at the park and enjoyed their popsicles. Aaaah!! Much better!

Tie-dye Thursday

Today Annie, Ellen, Hannah, and Kevin tie-dyed their new white T-shirts. They were very excited to turn their white shirts into bright and colorful works of art. Annie showed Kevin how to tie his shirt into a sunburst pattern. Meanwhile, Hannah and Ellen decided to try making a spiral twirl tie-dye design.

Meet Kevin

This is Kevin, our new Iplehouse B.I.D Doll we received in February. Kevin has been waiting patiently for months in his box to get a new face-up. He is very excited to finally get out, explore the world, and meet his sister. We purchased a dark brown wig but we received a black one instead.… More

Baby Blush Dress

My mom made over 40 smocked and embroidered dresses for my sisters and I over the years. This dress was made over 13 years ago for my little sister on her first birthday. The bishop dress was made from blush silk dupioni and embroidered with little flowers and tiny pearls.

Independence Day

Today our girls Hannah and Ellen celebrated 245 years since the final drafts of the Declaration of Independence were printed. Hannah and Ellen were looking forward to a bright sunny day, a delicious picnic lunch, and, of course, dessert and firecrackers.

The Missing Piece

Hannah and Ellen were very excited after finding a one-hundred piece puzzle at the back of their closet. It was the perfect thing to keep them busy on a very rainy day. “I can’t wait until we’re finished!”, exclaimed Ellen, piling the puzzle pieces in the middle of the rug. “Does this one go here?”… More

Heirloom Smocked Dress for Dianna Effner’s 13” Little Darling Dolls

I started this smocked dress last year but never got around to finishing it. I had visioned the dress as a Valentine’s Day dress and embroidered the roses to look like hearts. I had inserted French lace into the sleeves but had problems with the bullion rose embroidery. I just couldn’t get them to look… More

Chess Cake

This cake was specially made for our little princess’s birthday. Since she is a little chess master, we felt this cake was very appropriate for her. The chess pieces and board were made out to white and dark chocolate. The square cake layers are chocolate and white cakes filled with mascarpone and chocolate ganache.


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